Connecting to the library with citation management programs

Some citation management programs, such as EndNote, Mendeley, and Papers, allow users to connect to their institution’s library in order to quickly access or download full-text articles. Below are instructions to modify your settings in these programs to allow this functionality. If you have questions or would like training on the programs below, contact a librarian.

For EndNote Versions X4 or later: (The latest version is available for download here)
1.    Open EndNote (desktop application) and go to the Edit menu. Select Preferences
2.    Select Find Full-Text from the menu on the left side of the new window
3.    Make sure all boxes are checked and enter the URLs below:
      OpenURL Path:
      Authentication with path:
4.   To use the Find Full-Text feature, select one or more references in your library and go to the References menu and select Find Full-Text.  EndNote will begin downloading your full-text PDFs if available.

For Mendeley (Free software -
1.    Log in to your Mendeley web account
2.    Go to My Account (upper right hand corner) and select Account Details
3.    Click on the Sharing and Importing tab
4.    Under Edit Library Access Links, Try the “Choose library from list” option first, to see if Mendeley can automatically retrieve information about the NYU Health Sciences Libraries. If it doesn’t work, you can enter the information in manually.
      Name: NYU Health Sciences Libraries
      Base URL:
5.    Now, when you visit an article page in the Mendeley research catalog, such as this one, click on the button that says “Find this paper at:” and select the NYU Health Sciences Libraries

For Papers (Not provided by NYU -
1.    Open Papers (desktop  application) and go to the Papers menu and select Preferences
2.    Select the Access tab in the Preferences window
3.    Select “NYU School of Medicine” for Library Proxy
4.    Now, when you search for articles in Papers you should be able to view and import articles as PDFs

You can also adjust your settings for the Papers iPad/iPhone app
Go to Settings and enter the URL below under Proxy Settings
Library Proxy: