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The Global Infectious Disease & Epidemiology Network (GIDEON) is comprised of Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Therapy, and Microbiology modules. Modules cover over 300 diseases, 10,000 notes outlining the status of specific infections for 200+ foreign countries, 1100 microbial taxa, and more than 300 antibacterial (-fungal, -parasitic, -viral) agents and vaccines. Data is taken from national health ministry reports, WHO technical reports, monographs, and journals. Results provide a ranked differential diagnosis that considers: patient symptoms, travel and exposure, history, incubation period, laboratory test results, immune status, and bioterrorism. Simultaneous comparisons of clinical and laboratory features for two or more diseases are available, along with explanations for the exclusion of a particular disease from a differential diagnosis. Up-to-date epidemiological information includes agent, vector, vehicle, and reservoir.