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Abnormal Psychology for First RespondersEtextDetails
About time : inventing the fourth dimensionEtextDetails
Advances in mental health & intellectual disabilitiesJournalv.4:2 2010-currentDetails
American Indian & Alaska native mental health research : journal of the National CenterJournal2000-currentDetails
American Indian & Alaska native mental health research : journal of the National CenterJournal2000-currentDetails
American journal of community psychologyJournal1994-currentDetails
American journal of community psychologyJournal1973-2000Details
American journal of psychologyJournal1995-2001Details
American journal of psychologyJournal1887-1995Details
American Journal of PsychologyJournal1993-currentDetails
American journal of psychologyJournalv.1:1 1887-currentDetails
American psychoanalyst : quarterly newsletter of the American Psychoanalytic AssociationJournalv.37 2003-currentDetails
Analytische PsychologieJournalv.29:1 1998-v.34:4 2003Details
Annual review of clinical psychologyJournalv.1 2005-currentDetails
Annual review of psychologyJournalv.1 1950-currentDetails
Annual review of psychologyJournal1993-2005Details
Annual Review of PsychologyJournal1993-2004Details
AnxietyJournalv.1:1 1994-v.2:5 1996Details
Applied cognitive psychologyJournalv.1:1 1987-currentDetails
Applied psychological measurementJournal1977-currentDetails
Applied psychologyJournalv.1:1 1952-currentDetails
Applied psychology. Health & well-beingJournalv.1:1 2009-currentDetails
Applying psychology to criminal justiceEtextDetails
Applying psychology to forensic practiceEtextDetails
Archives of clinical neuropsychology : the official journal of the National Academy of NeuropsychologistsJournalv.1:1 1986-currentDetails
Archives of women's mental healthJournal2001-currentDetails
Archives of Women's Mental HealthJournal2010-currentDetails
Asian journal of social psychologyJournalv.1:1 1998-currentDetails
ATLA Religion DatabaseDatabase1949-currentDetails
Attachment & bonding :Etext2005Details
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderEtextDetails
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderEtextDetails
Attention, perception & psychophysicsJournal2011-currentDetails
Attention, perception & psychophysicsJournal2001-currentDetails
Australian journal of psychologyJournalv.1:1 1949-currentDetails
Australian psychologistJournalv.1:1 1966-currentDetails
Balint-JournalJournalv.2:1 2001-currentDetails
Basic Concepts of Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingEtextDetails
BioPsychoSocial MedicineJournal2007-currentDetails
Blackwell handbook of judgment & decision making : Blackwell handbooks of experimental psychologyEtextDetails
Blackwell Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical PsychologyEtextDetails
Blackwell Handbook of Research Methods in Experimental PsychologyEtextDetails
Blackwell Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial & Organizational PsychologyEtextDetails
Blackwell handbook of sensation & perception : Blackwell handbooks of experimental psychologyEtextDetails
Blackwell Handbook of Social PsychologyEtextDetails
Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intergroup ProcessesEtextDetails
Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Interpersonal ProcessesEtextDetails
Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intraindividual ProcessesEtextDetails
British journal of clinical psychologyJournalv.20:1 1981-currentDetails
British journal of developmental psychologyJournalv.1:1 1983-currentDetails
British journal of mathematical & statistical psychologyJournal1998-2006Details
British journal of mathematical & statistical psychologyJournalv.18:1 1965-currentDetails
British Journal of PsychologyJournal1993-2007Details
British Journal of PsychologyJournalv.46:1 1955-currentDetails
British journal of psychology (London, England : 1953)Journal1995-2006Details
British journal of psychology (London, England : 1953)Journal1995-currentDetails
British journal of psychology (London, England : 1953)Journal1904-2000Details
British journal of social psychologyJournalv.20:1 1981-currentDetails
California school psychologistJournal2008-2009Details
Canadian journal of experimental psychology = Revue canadienne de psychologie experimentaleJournal1993-currentDetails
Canadian Journal of School PsychologyJournal1985-currentDetails
Ceskoslovenska psychologieJournal2006-currentDetails
Child & adolescent mental healthJournalv.7:1 2002-currentDetails
Child & adolescent psychiatry & mental healthJournal2007-currentDetails
Child developmentJournalv.61:1 1990-currentDetails
Child NeuropsychologyEtextDetails
Child neuropsychology : assessment & interventions for neurodevelopmental disordersEtextDetails
Child Psychology & Psychiatry: Frameworks for Practice, Second EditionEtextDetails
Choice in Dying BookletsJournal1997-currentDetails
Cinematic Mirror for Psychology & Life CoachingEtextDetails
Cinematic mirror for psychology & life coachingEtextDetails
Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology - From Theory to Practice 3eEtextDetails
Clinical child psychology & psychiatryJournal1996-currentDetails
Clinical child psychology & psychiatryJournal1996-currentDetails
Clinical Management of PsychodermatologyEtextDetails
Clinical Psychology & Heart DiseaseEtextDetails
Clinical psychology & psychotherapyJournalv.1:1 1993-currentDetails
Clinical Psychology: Science & PracticeJournalv.1:1 1994-currentDetails
Cognition in the wildEtextDetails
Cognitive scienceJournalv.1:1 1977-currentDetails
Cognitive therapy & researchJournal1997-currentDetails
Collaborative Therapeutic Neuropsychological AssessmentEtextDetails
Community mental health journalJournal1996-currentDetails
Community mental health journalJournal2005-currentDetails
Community Psychology - Challenges, Controversiesand Emerging ConsensusEtextDetails
Comprehensive Guide to Child Custody Evaluations : Mental Health & Legal PerspectivesEtextDetails
Connectionism & the philosophy of psychologyEtextDetails
Consulting psychology journalJournal2003-2006Details
Contemporary occupational health psychologyEtextDetails
Counseling & valuesJournal2001-currentDetails
Counseling psychologistJournal1969-currentDetails
Counselling psychology quarterlyJournal1997-2000Details
Creative cognition approach / edited by Steven M. Smith, Thomas B. Ward, & Ronald A. FinkeEtextDetails
Critique of PsychologyEtextDetails
Culture & psychologyJournal1995-currentDetails
Culture & subjective well-beingEtextDetails
Current directions in psychological scienceJournalv.1 1992-currentDetails
Current directions in psychological scienceJournalv.1:1 1992-currentDetails
Current psychologyJournal2010-currentDetails
Death studiesJournal1996-2000Details
Dependencies of objectsEtextDetails
Depression & globalization : the politics of mental health in the 21st centuryEtextDetails
Depression & globalization : the politics of mental health in the 21st centuryEtextDetails
Design of animal communicationEtextDetails
Desire : its role in practical reason & the explanation of actionEtextDetails
Development & psychopathologyJournalv.1:1 1989-currentDetails
Development & psychopathologyJournal2004-currentDetails
Development of Emotions & Emotion RegulationEtextDetails
Development of speech perception : the transition from speech sounds to spoken wordsEtextDetails
Developmental psychobiologyJournalv.1:1 1968-currentDetails
Developmental psychobiologyJournalv.1:1 1968-v.28:8 1995Details
Developmental psychobiology : an interdisciplinary scienceEtextDetails
Developmental scienceJournalv.1:1 1998-currentDetails
Dialogues on perceptionEtextDetails
Dimensions of creativityEtextDetails
Disability & aging discrimination : perspectives in law & psychologyEtextDetails
Doing social psychology researchEtextDetails
Dream drugstore : chemically altered states of consciousnessEtextDetails
Dreaming as delirium : how the brain goes out of its mindEtextDetails
DSM-IV [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition]Etext1994Details
DSM-IV [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition]Etext1994Details
DSM-IV-TR (Text Revision)Etext2000Details
DSM-IV-TR (Text Revision)Etext2000Details
DSM-IV-TR (Text Revision)Etext2000Details
DSM-IV-TR (Text Revision)Etext2000Details
Dynamic systems approach to development : applicationsEtextDetails
Dynamical cognitive science / Lawrence M. WardEtextDetails
Educational & psychological measurementJournal1941-currentDetails
Educational psychology (Dorchester-on-Thames)Journal1997-2000Details
Electric words : dictionaries, computers, & meaningsEtextDetails
Emotion Regulation & Well-BeingEtextDetails
Emotion Regulation : Conceptual & Clinical IssuesEtextDetails
Emotions as Bio-cultural ProcessesEtextDetails
Encyclopedia of positive psychologyEtextDetails
Encyclopedia of Psychology & ReligionEtextDetails
End-of-Life Care: A Nurse's Guide to Compassionate CareEtextDetails
End-of-Life Communication in the ICUEtextDetails
Ethical Practice in Psychology : Reflections from the Creators of the APS Code of EthicsEtextDetails
European journal of personalityJournalv.1:1 1987-currentDetails
European journal of social psychologyJournalv.1:1 1971-currentDetails
European work & organizational psychologistJournal1991-1994Details
Evaluating Mental Health Disability in the WorkplaceEtextDetails
Evaluating Research Methods in Psychology : A Case Study ApproachEtextDetails
Evidence-based mental healthJournal1998-currentDetails
Evidence-based mental healthJournal2001-2004Details
Evidence-Based School Mental Health ServicesEtextDetails
Evolution of cognitionEtextDetails
Exceptional childrenJournal1991-2017Details
Exceptional childrenJournal1998-currentDetails
Exceptional ChildrenJournal1988-currentDetails
Experimental design & statistics for psychology : a first courseEtextDetails
Family journal (Alexandria, Va.)Journal1993-currentDetails
Family processJournal1999-2012Details
Family ProcessJournalv.1:1 1962-currentDetails
Family relationsJournal1992-currentDetails
Family relationsJournalv.49:1 2000-currentDetails
Feminism & psychologyJournal1991-currentDetails
Final accounting : philosophical & empirical issues in Freudian psychologyEtextDetails
First languageJournal1980-currentDetails
Forced Migration & Mental HealthEtextDetails
Foundations of cognitive scienceEtextDetails
From Barbie to Mortal Kombat : gender & computer gamesEtextDetails
Fundamentals of neural network modeling : neuropsychology & cognitive neuroscienceEtextDetails
Gale Encyclopedia of Mental HealthEtextDetails
Gale Encyclopedia of PsychologyEtext2nd ed., 2002Details
Gateway to memory : an introduction to neural network modeling of the hippocampus & learningEtextDetails
Gay & Lesbian Issues & Psychology ReviewJournal2007-2013Details
Genetic, social, & general psychology monographsJournal2001-2006Details
Genetic, Social, & General Psychology MonographsJournal1997-2006Details
Geropsychology & Long Term CareEtextDetails
Goal-driven learningEtextDetails
Group analysisJournal1967-currentDetails
Group interventions in schools : promoting mental health for at-risk children & youthEtextDetails
Group processes & intergroup relations : GPIRJournal1998-currentDetails
Group-Centered Prevention Programs for At-Risk StudentsEtextDetails
Guide to Teaching Development PsychologyEtextDetails
Guide to Teaching Introductory PsychologyEtextDetails
Handbook of adolescent behavioral problems : evidence-based approaches to prevention & treatmentEtextDetails
Handbook of Clinical Child NeuropsychologyEtextDetails
Handbook of Clinical Psychology CompetenciesEtextDetails
Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales & Assessment in Psychiatry & Mental HealthEtextDetails
Handbook of family psychologyEtextDetails
Handbook of functional neuroimaging of cognitionEtextDetails
Handbook of Gender Research in PsychologyEtextDetails
Handbook of Gender Research in PsychologyEtextDetails
Handbook of Medical NeuropsychologyEtextDetails
Handbook of Mental Health & Acculturation in Asian American FamiliesEtextDetails
Handbook of Mental Health Services for Children, Adolescents, & FamiliesEtextDetails
Handbook of psychology in legal contextsEtextDetails
Handbook of psychology of investigative interviewing : current developments & future directionsEtextDetails
Handbook of the clinical psychology of ageingEtextDetails
Handbook Of The Teaching Of PsychologyEtextDetails
Handbook of Work & Health PsychologyEtextDetails
HaPI: Health and Psychosocial InstrumentsDatabase1985-Current [5 consecutive seats available - please logoff after your session]Details
Harvard mental health letterJournal1995-2012Details
Hispanic journal of behavioral sciencesJournal1979-currentDetails
Hispanic journal of behavioral sciencesJournal1997-1998Details
History of Psychiatry & Medical PsychologyEtextDetails
History of Psychiatry & Medical PsychologyEtextDetails
History of Psychology in AutobiographyEtextDetails
How children learn the meanings of wordsEtextDetails
Human Autonomy in Cross-Cultural Context : Perspectives on the Psychology of Agency, Freedom, & Well-Being. : Cross-Cultural Advancements in Positive EtextDetails
Human developmentJournal1997-2015Details
Human developmentJournalv.41:1 1998-currentDetails
Identifying, Assessing, & Treating ADHD at SchoolEtextDetails
IEEE transactions on autonomous mental developmentJournalv.1:1 2009-currentDetails
Imagination, cognition, & personalityJournal1998-2008Details
Impact of attachment on romantic relationships in later life : Minnesota Symposia on Child PsychologyEtextDetails
Inattentional blindnessEtextDetails
Indian journal of psychological medicineJournal2008-currentDetails
Indigenous & Cultural PsychologyEtextDetails
Indirect perceptionEtextDetails
Individual psychologyJournal1982-1995Details
Instructional scienceJournal1997-currentDetails
Integrative physiological & behavioral scienceJournal2000-currentDetails
Intelligence : a brief history : Blackwell brief histories of psychologyEtextDetails
International community psychology : history & theoriesEtextDetails
International Handbook of Anger : Constituent & Concomitant Biological, Psychological, & Social ProcessesEtextDetails
International Handbook of Personal Construct PsychologyEtextDetails
International journal of mental healthJournal1999-2000Details
International journal of mental health nursingJournalv.11:1 2002-currentDetails
Investigations in universal grammar : a guide to experiments on the acquisition of syntax & semantEtextDetails
Invitation to cognitive science (2nd ed.- v. 1)EtextDetails
Invitation to cognitive science (2nd ed.- v. 2)EtextDetails
Invitation to cognitive science (2nd ed.- v. 3)EtextDetails
Invitation to cognitive science (2nd ed.- v. 4)EtextDetails
Invitation to existential psychology : a psychology for the unique human being & its applications in therapyEtextDetails
Japanese psychological researchJournalv.38:1 1996-currentDetails
Journal for specialists in group workJournal2006-currentDetails
Journal of abnormal child psychologyJournal2003-currentDetails
Journal of abnormal child psychologyJournal1973-2000Details
Journal of addiction & mental healthJournal2002-currentDetails
Journal of analytical psychologyJournalv.1:1 1955-currentDetails
Journal of applied psychologyJournalv.72:1 1987-v.91:4 2006Details
Journal of attention disordersJournal1996-currentDetails
Journal of black psychologyJournal1978-currentDetails
Journal of Business & PsychologyJournalv.12 1997-currentDetails
Journal of career assessmentJournal1993-currentDetails
Journal of child & adolescent psychopharmacologyJournalv.1 1990-currentDetails
Journal of child & adolescent psychopharmacologyJournal2000-currentDetails
Journal of Child & Adolescent PsychopharmacologyJournal2007-2011Details
Journal of child sexual abuseJournal1995-1997Details
Journal of child sexual abuseJournal2000-currentDetails
Journal of clinical psychologyJournalv.1:1 1945-currentDetails
Journal of community & applied social psychologyJournalv.1:1 1991-currentDetails
Journal of community psychologyJournalv.1:1 1973-currentDetails
Journal of conflict resolutionJournal1957-currentDetails
Journal of consumer psychologyJournalv.1:1 1992-currentDetails
Journal of counseling & development : JCDJournal1988-2013Details
Journal of Criminal PsychologyJournalv.1:1 2011-currentDetails
Journal of cross-cultural psychologyJournal1970-currentDetails
Journal of cross-cultural psychologyJournal1997-1998Details
Journal of early adolescenceJournal1981-currentDetails
Journal of emotional & behavioral disordersJournal1998-2010Details
Journal of employment counselingJournal1998-2013Details
Journal of employment counselingJournal2001-currentDetails
Journal of experimental psychology. AppliedJournal2003-2006Details
Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception & performanceJournal2003-2006Details
Journal of experimental psychology. Learning, memory, & cognitionJournal2003-2006Details
Journal of family communicationJournal2001-currentDetails
Journal of family violenceJournal2005-currentDetails
Journal of gambling studies / co-sponsored by the National Council on Problem Gambling & Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial GamingJournal1998-2004Details
Journal of general psychologyJournal1994-2010Details
Journal of general psychologyJournal1995-2009Details
Journal of general psychologyJournal1928-2000Details
Journal of genetic psychologyJournal1994-2010Details
Journal of genetic psychologyJournal1995-2009Details
Journal of genetic psychologyJournal1891-2000Details
Journal of happiness studiesJournal2000-currentDetails
Journal of health care chaplaincyJournal2008-currentDetails
Journal of health psychologyJournalv.1 1996-currentDetails
Journal of health psychologyJournal1996-currentDetails
Journal of humanistic psychologyJournal1961-currentDetails
Journal of individual psychologyJournal1935-1981Details
Journal of instructional psychologyJournal1996-currentDetails
Journal of Instructional PsychologyJournal1999-2012Details
Journal of investigative psychology & offender profilingJournalv.1:1 2004-currentDetails
Journal of language & social psychologyJournal1982-currentDetails
Journal of learning disabilitiesJournal1997-2010Details
Journal of loss & traumaJournal2008-currentDetails
Journal of Managerial PsychologyJournalv.1:8 1993-v.9:1 1994Details
Journal of marital & family therapyJournal1994-currentDetails
Journal of marital & family therapyJournal1994-currentDetails
Journal of marital & family therapyJournalv.1:1 1975-currentDetails
Journal of Medical PsychologyJournal2009-currentDetails
Journal of mental health (Abingdon, England)Journal1997-2000Details
Journal of Mental Health, Training & PracticeJournalv.1:1 2006-currentDetails
Journal of nervous & mental diseaseJournalv.3:1 1876-currentDetails
Journal of neuropsychologyJournalv.1:1 2007-currentDetails
Journal of occupational & organizational psychologyJournal1996-2006Details
Journal of Occupational & Organizational PsychologyJournalv.65:1 1992-currentDetails
Journal of occupational health psychologyJournal2003-2006Details
Journal of parapsychologyJournal1995-currentDetails
Journal of parapsychologyJournal1995-currentDetails
Journal of pediatric psychologyJournalv.1:1 1976-currentDetails
Journal of personalityJournalv.1:1 1932-currentDetails
Journal of phenomenological psychologyJournal1970-2000Details
Journal of positive behavior interventionsJournal1999-2010Details
Journal of positive behavior interventionsJournal2006-2008Details
Journal of positive behavior interventionsJournalv.1:1 1999-currentDetails
Journal of psychiatric & mental health nursingJournalv.1:1 1994-currentDetails
Journal of psychoeducational assessmentJournal1983-currentDetails
Journal of psycholinguistic researchJournal1997-currentDetails
Journal of psycholinguistic researchJournal1971-2000Details
Journal of psycholinguistic researchJournal1997-currentDetails
Journal of psychologyJournal1994-2010Details
Journal of psychologyJournal1995-2009Details
Journal of psychologyJournal1935-1997Details
Journal of psychology & financial marketsJournal2000-2002Details
Journal of psychosocial nursing & mental health servicesJournalv.1:1 1963-v.4:6 || >= 1966Details
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health ServicesJournalv.38:1 2000-v.47:12 2009Details
Journal of psychosocial nursing & mental health servicesJournal2003-2010Details
Journal of public mental healthJournalv.1:1 2003-currentDetails
Journal of religion & healthJournal1997-currentDetails
Journal of religion & healthJournalv.1:1 1961-currentDetails
Journal of reproductive & infant psychologyJournal1997-2000Details
Journal of social & clinical psychologyJournal1983-currentDetails
Journal of social & personal relationshipsJournal1984-currentDetails
Journal of Social & Psychological SciencesJournal2008-currentDetails
Journal of social psychologyJournal1994-2010Details
Journal of social psychologyJournal1930-2000Details
Journal of special educationJournalv.31:1 1997-v.44:1 2010Details
Journal of special educationJournal1983-2008Details
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic AssociationJournal2006-currentDetails
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic AssociationJournalv.1:1 1953-currentDetails
Journal of traumatic stressJournalv.1:1 1988-currentDetails
Journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences & social sciencesJournal1995-currentDetails
Jung's Personality Theory QuantifiedEtextDetails
Knowledge & mind : a philosophical introductionEtextDetails
Language : structure, processing, & disordersEtextDetails
Language acquisition : core readingsEtextDetails
Language acquisition : the growth of grammarEtextDetails
Language form & language functionEtextDetails
Language, music, & mindEtextDetails
Languages of the mind : essays on mental representationEtextDetails
Learning & BehaviorJournal2001-currentDetails
Learning & behavior : a Psychonomic Society publicationJournal2011-currentDetails
Legal & Criminological PsychologyJournalv.1:1 1996-currentDetails
Life Cycle of Psychological IdeasEtextDetails
Lingua ex machina : reconciling Darwin & Chomsky with the human brainEtextDetails
Lippincott's Review Series: Mental Health & Psychiatric NursingEtextDetails
Literature & psychologyJournal1998-2004Details
Literature & psychologyJournalv.44:1 1998-v.49:4 2004Details
Little Black Book of NeuropsychologyEtextDetails
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death & DyingEtext2003Details
Majoring in Psychology : Achieving Your Educational & Career GoalsEtextDetails
Mechanisms of implicit learning : connectionist models of sequence processingEtextDetails
Media psychologyJournal1999-currentDetails
MEDLINEplus: Mental Health & BehaviorWebsiteDetails
Memory & cognitionJournal2011-currentDetails
Memory & CognitionJournal2001-currentDetails
Memory systems 1994EtextDetails
Mental Health & Social InclusionJournalv.14:1 2010-currentDetails
Mental Health Business WeekJournal2005-currentDetails
Mental health law reporterJournal2004-2006Details
Mental Health PracticeJournal2003-2012Details
Mental health reviewJournal2003-currentDetails
Mental health review journalJournalv.1:1 1996-currentDetails
Mental Health Self-HelpEtextDetails
Mental health todayJournal2004-currentDetails
Mental health weeklyJournal1999-currentDetails
Mental health weeklyJournalv.15:1 2005-currentDetails
Mental health weekly digestJournal2008-currentDetails
Mental Health Weekly DigestJournal2008-currentDetails
Mental health, religion & cultureJournal2006-currentDetails
Mental notes : Bayes nets & graphical causal models in psychologyEtextDetails
Metacognition : knowing about knowingEtextDetails
Mind & brain sciences in the 21st centuryEtextDetails
Mind & morals : essays on cognitive science & ethicsEtextDetails
Mind : introduction to cognitive scienceEtextDetails
Mind as motion : explorations in the dynamics of cognitionEtextDetails
Mind design II : philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligenceEtextDetails
Mind in everyday life & cognitive scienceEtextDetails
Mind, Mood & MemoryJournal2006-currentDetails
Minding minds : evolving a reflexive mind by interpreting othersEtextDetails
MIT encyclopedia of cognitive sciencesEtextDetails
MITECS (MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences)EtextDetails
Modeling bounded rationalityEtextDetails
Models of bounded rationalityEtextDetails
Monographs of the Society for Research in Child DevelopmentJournalv.55:1 1990-currentDetails
Motivation & emotionJournal1997-currentDetails
Music perceptionJournalv.1:1 1983-v.8:4 || ">=" 1991Details
Music perceptionJournal2002-2012Details
Music perceptionJournal1983-2000Details
Music, cognition, & computerized sound : an introduction to psychoacousticsEtextDetails
Musical networks : parallel distributed perception & performaceEtextDetails
Mystery of PersonalityEtextDetails
Narrative Development in AdolescenceEtextDetails
Natural & the normative : theories of spatial perception from Kant to HelmholtzEtextDetails
Nature of cognitionEtextDetails
Netherlands journal of psychologyJournal2004-2009Details
Neuroinformatics for NeuropsychologyEtextDetails
Neuropsicologia della comunicazioneEtextDetails
Neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, & behavioral neurologyJournalv.1:1 1988-v.15:4 2002Details
NeuropsychobiologyJournalv.1:1 1975-currentDetails
Neuropsychology of CommunicationEtextDetails
Neuropsychology of the Sense of AgencyEtextDetails
Neuropsychology of WomenEtextDetails
Neuropsychology reviewJournal1997-currentDetails
Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of NeuropsychopharmacologyJournalv.8:1 1993-currentDetails
New cognitive neurosciences (3rd ed.)EtextDetails
New directions for youth developmentJournal2002-currentDetails
Nonviolence & Peace PsychologyEtextDetails
North American Journal of PsychologyJournal2005-currentDetails
Origins of grammar : evidence from early language comprehensionEtextDetails
Origins of music : edited by Nils L. Wallin, Bjorn Merker, & Steven BrownEtextDetails
Out in Psychology : Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Queer PerspectivesEtextDetails
Pakistan Journal of Psychological ResearchJournal2001-currentDetails
Paradox of self-consciousnessEtextDetails
Paradox of sleep : the story of dreamingEtextDetails
Pattern recognition by self-organizing neural networksEtextDetails
Peace Psychology in AsiaEtextDetails
Pediatric Neuropsychology Case StudiesEtextDetails
Pediatric Neuropsychology Case StudiesEtextDetails
Pediatricians & Pharmacologically Trained PsychologistsEtextDetails
Pediatricians & Pharmacologically Trained PsychologistsEtextDetails
Perceptual learningEtextDetails
Personal relationshipsJournalv.1:1 1994-currentDetails
Personality & PsychopathologyEtextDetails
Personality & social psychology bulletinJournal1974-currentDetails
Personality & social psychology review : an official journal of the Society for Personality & Social Psychology, IncJournal1997-currentDetails
Personality in Intimate RelationshipsEtextDetails
Personnel psychologyJournal1965-currentDetails
Personnel psychologyJournalv.1:1 1948-currentDetails
Persons: Understanding Psychological Selfhood & AgencyEtextDetails
Perspectives in memory researchEtextDetails
Perspectives on psychological scienceJournalv.1:1 2006-currentDetails
Perspectives on psychological scienceJournalv.1:1 2006-currentDetails
Phenomenology & Psychological ScienceEtextDetails
Philosophical psychologyJournal1997-2000Details
Philosophical psychopathologyEtextDetails
Philosophy of mind : classical problems/contemporary issuesEtextDetails
Philosophy, psychiatry, & psychology : PPPJournalv.1:1 1994-currentDetails
Philosophy, psychiatry, & psychology : PPPJournal2001-currentDetails
Political psychologyJournalv.18:1 1997-currentDetails
Political psychologyJournalv.1:1 1979-currentDetails
Positive Psychology as Social ChangeEtextDetails
Positive Psychology of Personal TransformationEtextDetails
Principle B, VP ellipsis, & interpretation in child grammarEtextDetails
Principles of neuropsychological assessment with Hispanics : theoretical foundations & clinical practice : Issues of diversity in clinical neuropsychoEtextDetails
Prosodic model of sign language phonologyEtextDetails
Protocol analysis : verbal reports as dataEtextDetails
Psicologia ClinicaEtextDetails
Psicothema Revista De PsicologiaJournal2008-currentDetails
Psycho-oncologyJournalv.1:1 1992-currentDetails
Psychoanalytic psychology : the official journal of the Division of Psychoanalysis, American Psychological Association, Division 39Journal2006-currentDetails
Psychoanalytic reviewJournal2006-currentDetails
Psychoanalytic reviewJournal1958-2000Details
Psychoanalytic reviewJournalv.88:1 2001-currentDetails
PsychogeriatricsJournalv.1:1 2001-currentDetails
Psychological Aspects of Social AxiomsEtextDetails
Psychological challenges in obstetrics & gynecology : the clinical managementEtextDetails
Psychological Impact of Acute & Chronic IllnessEtextDetails
Psychological inquiryJournalv.1:1 1990-currentDetails
Psychological Knowledge in CourtEtextDetails
Psychological medicineJournalv.1:1 1970-currentDetails
Psychological medicineJournal2001-currentDetails
Psychological Processes in International Negotiations : Theoretical & Practical PerspectivesEtextDetails
Psychological recordJournal1994-currentDetails
Psychological researchJournal1997-currentDetails
Psychological responses to eating disorders & obesity : recent & innovative workEtextDetails
Psychological scienceJournalv.1:1 1990-currentDetails
Psychological scienceJournalv.1:1 1990-currentDetails
Psychological science in the public interestJournalv.1 2000-currentDetails
Psychological science in the public interestJournalv.1:1 2000-currentDetails
Psychological Selection & Optimal Experience Across CulturesEtextDetails
Psychologists in word & imageEtextDetails
Psychology & developing societiesJournal1989-currentDetails
Psychology & marketingJournalv.1:1 1984-currentDetails
Psychology & marketingJournal1984-1995Details
Psychology & marketingJournal1984-currentDetails
Psychology & psychotherapyJournalv.75:1 2002-currentDetails
Psychology : the hope of a scienceEtextDetails
Psychology as a Moral ScienceEtextDetails
Psychology in Prisons 2eEtextDetails
Psychology in probation services : Forensic practiceEtextDetails
Psychology in the schoolsJournalv.1:1 1964-currentDetails
Psychology of attentionEtextDetails
Psychology of driving on rural roadsEtextDetails
Psychology of Global MobilityEtextDetails
Psychology of Group AggressionEtextDetails
Psychology of interrogations & confessions : a handbook : Wiley series in the psychology of crime, policing & lawEtextDetails
Psychology of LiberationEtextDetails
Psychology of musicJournal1996-currentDetails
Psychology of musicJournal1973-currentDetails
Psychology of proof : deductive reasoning in human thinkingEtextDetails
Psychology of prosocial behavior : group processes, intergroup relations, & helpingEtextDetails
Psychology of Social & Cultural DiversityEtextDetails
Psychology todayJournal1988-currentDetails
Psychology todayJournal1998-currentDetails
Psychology TodayJournal1992-currentDetails
Psychology, Religion, & SpiritualityEtextDetails
Psychology, Religion, & the Nature of the SoulEtextDetails
PsychomusicologyJournalv.18:1 2002-currentDetails
PsychoneuroJournalv.29:1 2003-v.34:11 2008Details
Psychonomic bulletin & reviewJournal2011-currentDetails
Psychonomic Bulletin & ReviewJournal2001-currentDetails
PsychopathologyJournalv.1:1 1968-currentDetails
PsychophysiologyJournalv.1:1 1964-currentDetails
Psychosomatic medicineJournalv.1:1 1939-currentDetails
PsycINFO Database1806 - currentDetails
Public Health Perspective of Women's Mental HealthEtextDetails
Qualitative research in psychologyJournal2004-2006Details
Race for consciousnessEtextDetails
Readings in philosophy & cognitive scienceEtextDetails
Research Methods in Clinical PsychologyEtextDetails
Roeper reviewJournal1998-2011Details
Roeper reviewJournal1996-2008Details
Sant© mentale au Qu©becJournal2006-2017Details
Scandinavian journal of psychologyJournalv.1:1 1960-currentDetails
School Psychology InternationalJournal1979-currentDetails
School psychology reviewJournal1996-currentDetails
Self-Help in Mental HealthEtextDetails
Self-Help in Mental HealthEtextDetails
Sensory exotica : a world beyond human experienceEtextDetails
Serial murder & the psychology of violent crimesEtextDetails
Sex & cognitionEtextDetails
Sexuality & disabilityJournal1997-currentDetails
Similarity & symbols in human thinkingEtextDetails
Sketches of thoughtEtextDetails
Social cognitionJournal1982-2017Details
Social cognition : making sense of peopleEtextDetails
Social psychologyJournalv.41:1 1978-v.41:4 1978Details
Social psychology & discourseEtextDetails
Social psychology of educationJournal1996-currentDetails
Social psychology quarterlyJournal1995-2013Details
Social psychology quarterlyJournalv.67:1 2004-currentDetails
Social psychology quarterlyJournalv.42:1 1979-currentDetails
Sorting things out : classification & its consequencesEtextDetails
Sourcebook of interactive practice exercises in mental healthEtextDetails
Spatial schemas & abstract thoughtEtextDetails
Spirituality & Indian PsychologyEtextDetails
Sport PsychologyEtextDetails
Springhouse Review for Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing CertificationEtextDetails
SSRIs in Depression & AnxietyEtextDetails
States of consciousness : models for psychology & psychotherapy : Emotions, personality & psychotherapyEtextDetails
Straight A's in Psychiatric & Mental Health NursingEtextDetails
Stress & healthJournalv.17:1 2001-currentDetails
Stress : a brief history : Blackwell brief histories of psychologyEtextDetails
Stress medicineJournalv.1:1 1985-v.16:5 2000Details
Strong feelings : emotion, addiction, & human behaviorEtextDetails
Such Stuff as Dreams : The Psychology of FictionEtextDetails
Suicide & life-threatening behaviorJournal1994-2010Details
Suicide & life-threatening behaviorJournalv.1:1 1971-currentDetails
Suicide & life-threatening behaviorJournalv.31:1 2001-v.40:6 2010Details
Teaching Critical Thinking in Psychology : A Handbook of Best PracticesEtextDetails
Ten problems of consciousness : a representational theory of the phenomenal mindEtextDetails
Theory & evidence : the development of scientific reasoningEtextDetails
Theory & psychologyJournal1991-currentDetails
Things we do : using the lessons of Bernard & Darwin to understand the what, how, & why of oEtextDetails
Through the rearview mirror : historical reflections on psychologyEtextDetails
Topics in early childhood special educationJournal1992-2007Details
Topics in early childhood special educationJournal1997-2010Details
Trauma, violence & abuseJournal2000-currentDetails
Understanding intelligenceEtextDetails
Understanding language understanding : computational models of readingEtextDetails
Violence & victimsJournal1986-2016Details
Violence against womenJournal1995-currentDetails
Violence in Mental Health SettingsEtextDetails
Vision, brain, & cooperative computationEtextDetails
Visual attention & cortical circuitsEtextDetails
Visual space perception : a primerEtextDetails
Voices of trauma : treating psychological trauma across cultures : International & Cultural PsychologyEtextDetails
What is cognitive science?EtextDetails
Where biology meets psychology : philosophical essaysEtextDetails
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Women & therapyJournal1995-currentDetails
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