Data Services

The Data Services Team provides for the Langone Health community and the broader NYU community through a spectrum of services to support success in research, data management, and data sharing.

We offer:

  • REDCap support through consultations and quarterly classes
  • Fundamental and statistical programming education
  • Data and metadata management guidance
  • Data sharing and discovery support and tools

To request a Data Services consultation, please click on the Request Data Consult button below.

Data Education

Data Services provides support for research and other work requiring data skills through hands-on training and consultations to discuss your specific data needs.

REDCap Training

REDCap is a HIPAA compliant, secure web application for building and managing online databases and surveys that is geared towards supporting data capture for research studies and operations. The NYUHSL Data Services Team provides REDCap education through a 5-part REDCap Series, held quarterly online, and one-on-one consultations to answer specific user questions. Classes we offer include:

  • Getting Started with REDCap
  • Surveys in REDCap
  • Building Forms Quickly in REDCap
  • Multi-Arm and Longitudinal Studies in REDCap
  • Importing and Exporting Data in REDCap

Programming Classes

Data Services provides 90-min introductory programming classes for two of the most popular programming languages, R and Python. These classes are offered 2-3 times a year and focus on syntax, fundamental data types, working with data, and libraries/packages. We also offer a course on git version control and the collaborative code platform GitHub.

Data Data Day-to-Day

Data Day-to-Day is a series of classes offered 2-3 times a year that are taught by expert librarians as well as researchers and practitioners from across Langone Health. While each series is different, some past workshops include Data Visualization using Excel, Introduction to ggplot2, and Clinical Research Data Management offered by expert librarians, and Introduction to SQL, Introduction to RNA-seq, and Python for GIS taught by others at Langone Health.

We welcome new instructors for the Data Day-to-Day Series. If you are a current member of the Langone Health community and would like to teach a workshop, please feel free to reach out to us.

To find out about scheduled classes, subscribe to the Data Services listserv here.

To browse our current and upcoming workshop and events, please see our schedule here.

Data Sharing and Discovery

The Data Services team assists researchers with sharing their data, making their data more findable for others, and locating data for secondary analysis.

The NYU Data Catalog

To make research data more discoverable and to help researchers locate data for reuse and secondary analysis, the NYU Health Sciences Library supports the NYU Data Catalog. If you are interested in making your research data available for others or finding data to reuse, contact the NYU Data Catalog team.

Metadata Management

Metadata is an essential part of data documentation and explains the origin, purpose, creation, access, and terms of use of data. The Data Services team can provide best practices for creating and maintaining metadata and documentation as well as selecting an appropriate repository for your data.

Data Management and Sharing Plan Support

The NIH policy implemented in January 2023 requires researchers to submit a Data Management and Sharing (DMS) plan for all research conducted at or funded by the NIH that generates scientific data. The NYU Health Sciences Library provides support for DMS plans through online resources, library classes, and individual consultations.

If you are writing your first DMS plan, we suggest that you begin by reviewing our comprehensive guide, paying particular attention to the available templates and the online class. For questions specific to your research project or to request a consultation, feel free to reach out using the Request Data Consult button below.

Reach out to the Data Services Team for consults about the NYU Data Catalog, metadata management, or NIH DMS plans.

National Center for Data Services

The National Center for Data Services (NCDS) of the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) coordinates with other NNLM Regions, Offices, and Centers to provide training and resources to increase data science capacity among information professionals and is housed at the NYU Health Sciences Library.