Code of Conduct

I. Purpose of Code of Conduct
While most users conduct themselves responsibly, in the interest of protecting the rights and privileges of all library users, the following code of conduct was established.

II. Specific Behaviors/Responsibilities of Library Users Pertaining to:

  1. Use & Protection of Collections

    Library users will respect the collection, refraining from:
    • Damaging or mutilating materials in any way, including tearing or cutting out pages, marking or writing on pages
    • Theft
    • Unauthorized removal of materials
    • Improperly disposing of trash
  2. Use & Protection of Library Facility and Equipment
    • Users are allowed to consume food and beverages; spillproof containers are preferable to protect our equipment
    • Users must leave at closing and discontinue all use of equipment after closing announcements
    • Users must evacuate during drills and emergencies
    • Users must abide by regulations regarding computer use as outlined in Responsibilities of All NYU Computer and Network Users
    • Users may not abuse or vandalize equipment
  3. Library Environment

    Library users are expected to exhibit professional conduct while using the library and demonstrate consideration of others, refraining from:
    • Using cell phones while in the library
    • Disrespectful behavior towards library users or library staff
    • Leaving children unattended or unaccompanied
    • Posting flyers, brochures, or posters without library approval
  4. Library Policies/Fees

    Compliance with library policies, and state and federal law means that users
    • Must comply with copyright law
    • May not misrepresent or falsify identification
    • Must abide by library policy regarding overdue items, materials recalled by the library, and the payment of fines and/or fees for lost/damaged library materials

III. Disciplinary Action

  • Users in violation of the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave
  • Security, Dean’s Office, or the user’s department may be contacted
  • Library privileges may be limited, suspended, or revoked

March 2011